Clint Cron

President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Our founder is no stranger to adversity and is the walking poster child for redemption and restoration. Clint was the class clown of his youth whether in school or at the local church youth group. He was blessed with a personality and swagger that afforded him the opportunity to speak with anyone about anything but was constantly at war with himself over the direction in life he wanted to take. During these youthful events, he met his wife Lauren at the age of 11. She was 9 and went home to write in her diary she met the man she was going to marry. They began dating about 5 years later and were married right after Lauren’s graduation from high school. Clint was called into the ministry at 8 years old, and has spent his life helping others, always attempting to put others needs in front of his own. At around the age of 22, he was completely broke, working a regular pizza delivery job, and wondering how he was going to support his wife who was 3 months pregnant. Most aspects of his life during this time were very cloudy and dark, but the one clear trait that he knew he possessed was the gift of gab. He knew he could talk to anyone. Sales were the answer. Sales led him to travel the eastern and southern United States, however, the family toll was a reality. Three years full time was all the family could handle so he placed his application for nursing school. He continued working in storm restoration and traveling on an as needed basis, providing leadership and education to new employees.

School allowed to him get locked into a local church in Louisville Kentucky and begin to really explore his need to serve others. This was expounded upon through nursing school. To be a nurse was the epitome of being a servant and eventually a servant leader, yet the calling he felt would prove to be almost more than he could bare.  Confusion and burnout pushed him down a long, dark road of addictions that almost overcame his life; however, it was on 09-11-2013 when God Himself performed a transformation and rebirth of this man into what God had ordained him to be. Clint is actively working as an advance practice registered nurse through United Health Care and continues his journey to help others during retirement and at the end of their life.

Traveling sales led to an immersion in a world of prosperity through the storm restoration business; however, this prosperity was bittersweet as he found out the real nature of a “professional stormer.” The nature to profit off someone else’s misfortune by promising the world, doing sub-par workmanship, and skipping town afterwards to leave the victims to their own devices. This ripped at the very soul of Clint, and this is when he decided it was time to leave this industry for good.

In August of 2017, he approached his father with an innovative idea for crafting a legacy company, one of which would grow to become the largest of it’s kind in the state of Kentucky. An exteriors company ruthlessly committed to an old but forgotten set of values that forged the very success of this great nation: Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency. With great prayer, the company was formed with one phrase that resonated then and still does today; the phrase that is now coined the H.I.T. Roofing System. This set of values is simple in theory but elusively complicated in application, however, when you live in truth and integrity, it is our belief that we have it “Done Right the First Time, Every Time.”

David Cron

Vice President, Chief Production Officer, Co-Founder

David has made a sustainable living based on his passion to serve others. From an early age, he learned the value of hard work as he ran his own paper route at the tender age of 12. He first felt the call to serve others when he was 19 years old and enlisted in the United States Army. It was during this time David began to feel a closeness and a calling from God to become a servant leader to his local community. During his 10-year military tenure, he met his wife Patricia and decided it was time to pursue other interests. David left the military and began his career as a mechanic which afforded him more time to focus on his ministerial calling of God.

David has been in the construction, demolition, and restoration field for nearly his entire life with over 30 years of experience. He has owned his own exteriors company as has started 3 successful churches, one of which he built by hand with the help of his family. David continued to serve the local community of Muhlenberg County and western Kentucky for over 30 years pastoring three different churches and raising up several more churches through an advisory/mentoring role.  He was approached by his son after his retirement from pastoring about the opportunity to partner and open an elite exteriors company who is ruthlessly committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency in every facet of operation.