Experience the H.I.T. Roofing System, the revolutionary way to installation perfection

While every contractor has their own way of doing things and installing projects, we have developed a specific order of operations to ensure the highest quality and most efficient install available today. The H.I.T. Roofing System is as follows:

*Thorough inspection of the damage with picture documentation

*Authorization of the contract and approval of representative with approximate start date for installation, ½ down collected at this time

*Pre-inspection of dwelling and property to assess any pre-existing damage prior to material drop

*Materials are ordered and delivered, Field representative will do post-delivery inspection of the premises prior to arrival of installation crew

*Installers will arrive, and preparation for removal begins: Tarps to protect landscaping, Ladder stand-offs to protect your gutters. Removal of old roofing material commences stripped to the bare wood in order to identify any rotted decking

*Installation of new synthetic underlayment and ice& water shield in all valleys to ensure a leak free system. Synthetic is guaranteed to be water locked once it is applied even without the roofing material being installed.

*Shingles will be placed according the manufacturers exact specifications with starter strip applied to the gutter line to reduce ice damming in the winter. Extensive clean up during and after the installation is complete including the use of magnets to ensure nails are removed from the property.

*Final inspection of the roof with CRC representative via walk around with homeowner to attain 100% satisfaction. The final checklist will be performed and signed by both parties, and written labor warranty will be mailed after final invoice is paid in full. Remaining ½ is paid at this time